General - Tue, Dec. 13, 2016
The Royal Court  and SGA of Wiley College extend best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Students are pictured on the front steps of the President's Home on our beautiful  campus.  
In photo, clockwise from bottom are:  Alexandra Jeremiah(Miss Wiley) of De Soto, Texas; Cameron Smith(SGA President) of St. Louis, Missouri; Joseph Stevens(Senior Class President) of Port Arthur, Texas;  Shedrick Johnson(Freshman Class President)  of Seattle, Washington; Alegra Thomas(Miss Freshman) of Sacramento, California; and April Smith ( Miss Senior) of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Not pictured are Kametrice Gray(Miss Junior) of Dallas; Kayla Thomas(Miss  Sophomore) of Dubberly, Louisiana;  Anthony Dockery (Junior Class President) of Memphis, Tennessee; and Edward Grogan (Sophomore Class President) of Galveston, Texas.