General - Sat, Sep. 10, 2016
The Wiley College family will come together on Tuesday, September 13  at 10:30 a.m. in the Julius S. Scott Sr. Chapel to  attend the President's Fall Convocation and to hear Dr. Strickland's first official address to the full campus body.  Attending the President's  Fall Convocation  is a rite of passage for all new students. During this very special program, new students will  take an oath to strive for excellence in their studies, and they will be officially welcomed to the Wiley family  by Dr. Strickland. 
At last year's fall convocation, Dr. Strickland encouraged students to engage in their studies and to be receptive to attaining all the knowledge that faculty members have to share. "The demands they will make on you will be many," Dr. Strickland said about Wiley's faculty to students at last year's convocation. "You will want to resist and rebel," he said. "Be still and receive the dividends of their wisdom and knowledge. You will be thankful for it." On September 13, he will again tell students to absorb knowledge from faculty. He will also share a message to inspire students to persist in their quest to earn their degrees.
In photo, freshmen take their oath at a past convocation to strive for excellence in their studies.