Academics - Wed, Jul. 6, 2016

Fourteen incoming Wiley College freshmen have arrived on campus this week to take part in our Pre-College Summer Math program, Math Matters! Funded by the National Science Foundation(NSF), the program is designed to increase and enhance math comprehension among students who plan to pursue degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics(STEM) so they will be better prepared to perform well in college-level math courses. Studies show that many students with an interest in working in STEM fields select other majors if they have difficulties in math courses. Math Matters aims to help students stay on track as STEM majors.

The Math Matters Camp is sponsored by the Wiley College STEM Program and the Division of Sciences. It is a major component of the divisions' three-year grant from the NSF to help foster, develop, and retain students' interest in studying in STEM fields. The program will run through July 15 and is housed in the Aaron Baker Science Building.

Pictured in  top photo are incoming Wiley freshmen who are taking part in Math Matters! They are pictured with the Math Matters! program director Charlotte Edwards(first row, far right) and math instructor Kess Hoard(second row, far right). In second  photo, freshmen Billy Moody, JaMarcus Alexander, and Justin Preston are pictured with math mentors Regina Moyana, a  Wiley College Class of 2016 biology major who plans to attend medical school, and Denisha Peterson, a sophomore pre-nursing major at LSU-Shreveport.