Academics - Mon, Aug. 15, 2016

Wiley alumna Cha 'Mira Keener may not define herself as a role model, but this wildcat, who graduated in May from South Texas  School of Law in Houston, is admired by undergraduates, peers and,fellow alumni alike for  knowing the hardships of her childhood could not deter her from staying focused on the big picture and doing the work to accomplish her goals.  

"I had so many excuses to give up, but I didn't," Keener told Texas Lawyer magazine about her journey to complete law school.   

During her time at Wiley College, Keener forged a path to excel in her studies and co-curricular activities to prepare for her next steps as a law student.  

She  was featured in a profile in HBCU BUZZ right after graduating from Wiley in which she shared  her strategies for performing well in her studies.  "The key to my academic success was finding a healthy balance between my social, spiritual, and academic life," she said. " I wouldn't allow myself to have fun unless my assignments were complete.  I even created an alter ego; There's me and then I have a 'classroom self.'" 

Her  accomplishments at Wiley  included  graduating with highest honors,  serving as captain of the Melvin B. Tolson/ Denzel Washington Forensics Society, making the cheer squad, and being crowned Miss Wiley.  She also completed internships and found attorneys who served as mentors.

When asked what was the best thing she learned as a student at Wiley College, she replied: "I learned how to stand firm in my beliefs amidst the many influences that were clawing for my attention…When I internalized that I create barriers to my success with my bad decisions, I became more of a critical thinker and a better decision maker." 

Now a law school graduate, Keener is looking ahead to completing the bar exam and  pursuing a career in juvenile law.  Please click here to read more about Keener and how she overcame the odds to make her dreams come true.…/Student-Overcomes-Bleak-Backgr…