Academics - Fri, Oct. 9, 2015


Wiley alumna Sylverlene Williams '09, has been named the 2015-2016 Secondary Teacher of the Year by the Longview Independent School District in Longview, Texas. Ms. Williams teaches sixth grade English Language Arts at Forest Park Middle School in Longview.

Last spring Williams was named Campus Teacher of the Year for Forest Park by the school's principal and teachers.  She earned her district-wide title by writing an essay and submitting it for panel review by former honorees.  Longview ISD's  Campus Teachers of the Year  were asked to focus their essays on their greatest contributions to education. In her award-winning essay Wiliams wrote, " Teaching is a humbling experience because the teacher never stops learning.....I am a planter, a seed sower and a harvest reaper." 

In her  new role, Williams will  join Longview ISd's Elementary School Teacher of the Year, Bryan Warren of J.L. Elementary, in representing the district throughout 2015-2016.  They are now in the running to earn the title of Region 7 Teacher of the Year in June. 

In photo above, Wiley Alumna Sylverlene Williams, left, is pictured with Andrea Mayo, Deputyy Superintendent of the Longview Independent School District.