Academics - Thu, Feb. 25, 2016

A couple of years ago, Wiley senior Jamyron Bee may have known he was a good student, but his grades at Wiley did not reflect that he was committed to performing well in College. Today, however, what he knows and how he performs in his studies make it apparent that he is planning for a bright future. One of his recent accomplishments was being selected to receive a scholarship from UPS   in partnership with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Foundation (ICUT) and the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).   

A criminal justice major who studied fully online in the fall and has now  returned to the Wiley campus to complete his final semester,  Bee said he was happy to learn he was selected to receive the award. He has set his sights on graduating in May, and he is looking forward to using his education to help others.

 "I want to help juveniles and convicted felons who some may think have thrown away their futures," said Bee. "I want to help them to take a step forward and turn their lives around."

Getting a shot at a second chance is something  Bee knows all about.  During his sophomore year, he was facing the possibility of expulsion from Wiley after being placed on academic probation.

 "I wasn't going to class.  I wasn't focused.  As a result, my grades suffered," he said.  "I was the typical student who needed support and guidance." 

 Bee said faculty and staff members at Wiley told him he was blowing an excellent opportunity to get a college education.  "I knew that if I went home, my family would be disappointed in me and I would be disappointed in myself." 

He began to apply himself to his studies and his efforts paid off.  For the last four semesters, Bee has been on the dean's list at Wiley.  He credits the College and its faculty and staff for helping him realize his full potential. 

"I was going down the wrong path and Wiley helped me to turn it around," he said.  "Wiley helped me to become a man."

 When Bee finishes his studies at Wiley,  he will be the first person in his family to earn a college degree.  

This year, through the UPS, ICUT and CIC partnership, $88,200 in scholarships has been awarded to 36 low-income students at private institutions across Texas.

 The CIC is an association of 744 nonprofit independent colleges and universities and higher education affiliates and organizations that has worked since 1956 to support college and university leadership, advance institutional excellence, and enhance public understanding of private higher education's contributions to society. One of CIC's major program areas is its work with member fundraising consortia of private colleges, including the ICUT Foundation.