Academics - Fri, May 26, 2017

The  Wiley Campus Ministry Program along with the Department of Religion have collaborated to organize an international mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya, to serve  the Visions Community Development Services (VICODS) Magnet School and Orphanage, June 5-15, 2017.

All Wiley students were invited and encouraged to consider representing their school as a member of Wiley's International Mission Team, and pictured above are the students who felt led by God to serve in this capacity. 

Two years ago,  the then Wiley College seniors Lewis Keys and Chad Mossman, traveled to the Magnet School and Orphanage in Nairobi to serve.  Keys, who is now studying at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, returned to Wiley to share his experiences as a missionary in Kenya.

During their service there in 2015, Wiley students  aided the school and orphanage in advancing their technology. Wiley students also taught English and art lessons, and  helped students learn debate skills. 

Now, its director, Bishop Jeremiah Apollo, is excited to receive missionaries from Wiley College again this summer.  

There are approximately 320 students residing at the orphanage and magnet school and are ages 5-13 and 14-18. 
Wiley College will serve these students in the following ways:
-    Teach lessons in art, drama, computer skills, knitting and English;
-    Teach lessons in outdoor sports and other games, such as table tennis;and
-    Serve as their morning and evening devotional leaders.

Wiley's mission team was also  invited to complete other projects of its choosing, such as painting, collecting school uniforms, sharing old computers and  providing general upkeep of the facilities.

The Wiley mission team is excited about the upcoming trip and  is making final preparations before its departure.  The team will share daily highlights from the trip on Wiley's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). 

Visions Community Development Services aims to empower women and children, advance education, and aid families in developing  a strong economic infrastructure. Some of  the  greatest needs of the school and orphanage include funds to feed children, refurbished computers, uniforms for children, bedding for children, and upkeep of the facilities. 

Clink the links below to hear a message from  Bishop Apollo and to visit the VICODS website.