Academics - Mon, Mar. 27, 2017

Q & A with Dr. Sarah Honeycutt

In this Q & A, Wiley's reigning Exemplary Faculty Member, Dr. Sarah Honeycutt, shares why she teaches at Wiley, her classroom motto, and more!  An instructor of English at Wiley College, Honeycutt was presented the Exemplary Faculty Award at the 127th Baccalaureate and Commencement Convocation last May. She is now in her third year of teaching at the institution.  

-Why Wiley?:

I like that Wiley is a student-centered campus. Every meeting I attend and conversation I have at Wiley centers on the same issue: what is best for the students?  This is different than the culture you might find a large, research institution. Wiley feels more like a family -- we support and help each other. And our students are worth it. Wiley students are curious, open, passionate, and eager to use their talents to shape the future in a positive way. They will achieve great things!

-What do you enjoy most about teaching?:

I love watching students connect with each other over a piece of literature. I love seeing them get excited about the ideas and works of thinkers who have come before them, and then hearing them contribute their own thoughts to this Great Conversation. My goal is for students to help each other see an issue from a new perspective, and then find their own voices. 

-What is your classroom motto?​

A mistake is a learning opportunity. The bigger the mistake, the bigger the opportunity for growth. None of us is here because we are perfect; we are here because we want to question, learn, grow, and find our blind spots, together with the support of our learning community.