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 Monday-Thursday  8:00 a.m. ​ 10:00 p.m.
 ​​​​Friday  ​8:00 a.m.  ​5:00 p.m.
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 Sunday  4:00 p.m. ​ 10:00 p.m.

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​​ Library
 Circulation Desk
 Ms. Marilyn Webb  [email protected]  (903) 927-3357​​
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 ​VACANT    (903) 927-3271
 Director of
 Library Services​
 Mr. Christopher Altnau  [email protected]  (903) 927-3275​​
 Library Secretary  Ms. Leatrice Gray  [email protected]  (903) 927-3270​​
 Library Assistant
 (Tech Svcs
 Ms. Eddinna Hurd   [email protected]  (903) 927-3274​​
 Library Assistant
 (Evening Services)
 Ms. Kristi Jackson   [email protected]  (903) 927-3357

​The TWC Library Mission Statement​​

​The Thomas Winston Cole, Sr. Library exists to provide a relevant quality collection of learning resources, in a variety of formats, that will support the educational needs of students and support the instructional programs of Wiley College. Cooperatively selected by faculty, students, and the College librarians, these learning​​ resources are designed to help develop the whole person. The library seeks not only to provide adequate and functional facilities in which users can find comfort in studying and exchanging ideas with fellow knowledge seekers, but also to provide efficient services such as information literacy, bibliographic instruction, interlibrary loan, reference, and electronic servic​​es. The library is committed to keeping its users abreast of modern instructional and administrative technology. It is dedicated to promoting internal and external communication by using computer databases and network information resources. Learning resources in all formats, adequate facilities, a wide range of user services, and integrated technologies enable the Thomas Winston Cole, Sr. Library to produce viable ​​instructional programs that will equip students with marketable skills for the 21st Century.​
​​Online Documents
These documents are part of the Wiley legacy, ​little pieces of history that we should endeavor to not only preserve, but to display and to disseminate. These documents are from the Wiley College Archives collection, and they are being made available digitally for the first time here on this webpage. More content will be added as time goes by.
The Wiley College Library By Dr. Herman L. Totten
"The Wiley College Library: First Library For Negroes West of the Mississippi River Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." By Herman L. Totten, the first Director of Library Services for the Cole Library. This paper was written circa 1967, shortly after the dedication of the new library building.
Dr. Bonner Letter and Paper from Ralph Cousins
This is a research paper written by a Wiley Alumnus named Ralph Cousins. Mr. Cousins sent a copy of his completed paper to the Cole Library, along with a note to Dr. Bonner, who was then (2009) the Director of Library Services. The note says, "[Monday] Dr. Bonner, Thank you for your help and support in my research on the George Porter incident in 1938. A copy of my paper is enclosed. Best wishes, Ralph Cousins."
The Great Debaters Postscript
This booklet, which was written by Wiley College faculty members (Dr. Lloyd Thompson, and Ms. Susan Taylor) in 2007, examines the successful lives led by the famous debate team members after leaving Wiley College.