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The Division of Education houses programs in Teacher Education: Early Childhood (EC-6) and Secondary Education (8-12) programs in English/Language Arts/Reading, Biology, Mathematics, History, All-Level (EC-12) Music, Spanish and Physical Education. Candidates who pursue a degree in teacher education are expected to meet the requirements for certification prior to graduation.


The mission of the Division of Education is to prepare competent and highly proficient teachers who possess the knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities, and attitudes required of professional educators. 


General goals of the Division of Education are to:

  • Provide the content knowledge required to master/pass the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES).
  • Provide extensive supervised field-based and laboratory experiences throughout the pre-service teacher certification program;
  • Provide prospective teachers with an understanding of the learner-centered learning processes, and to translate these understandings into appropriate teaching behaviors;
  • Provide opportunities for teacher candidates to experience professional practices, responsibilities and organizational structure of the education profession;
  • Develop a cadre of prospective teachers who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional behavior required for becoming effective teachers;
  • Prepare teacher candidates with a foundation for successful study at the graduate level.

  • Program Requirements
    • Teacher Education majors are required to take 18 hours of professional education courses. Students must earn a grade of C or above in each of these courses.

    Graduation Requirements

    To be formally admitted to the Division of Education prior to the junior year, the candidate must complete the following requirements:

    • Complete a Division of Education application by the end of the sophomore year.
    • Submit a transcript showing that 60 hours have been earned with an overall 2.75 GPA.
    • Pass all parts of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) in reading, writing and mathematics, with a score of 265 or above in reading and minimum score of 220 in writing, and 230 in mathematics or earn a grade of (B) or better in College Algebra, US History I, and English Composition I.
    • Meet all requirements as specified by the applicable catalog in force at the time the student is admitted to the Teacher Education program.
    • Meet all financial obligations to the College.
    • Submit a writing sample to the Teacher Education Committee.
    • Be accepted into the program by the Teacher Education Committee.


    Because a degree in Teacher Education includes a certification program, it may take longer than the traditional four-year program to complete. Consult the specific degree plan for details about elective course options.

    Criteria for Admission to Student Teaching

    To be admitted to student teaching, a candidate must:

    • Complete all program coursework, except for the semester in which application is made.
    • Provide documentation of field experience.
    • Submit completed application to the Teacher Education program.
    • Possess at least a 2.75 GPA.

    Organizations, Clubs, Societies

    Teacher Education majors are encouraged to join the local campus Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE). ATPE is a State Board for Educator Certification approved provider of continuing professional education credit. This organization offers high-caliber professional development opportunities for its members through small, interactive sessions on a variety of topics.