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Wiley College is accredited by the Texas Education Agency State Board for Educator Certification to prepare candidates for teacher certification in the following areas: 

English Language Arts and Reading 4 - 8 Mathematics 4 - 8
English Language Arts and Reading 8 - 12 Mathematics 8 - 12
Generalist EC - 6 Music EC - 12
Generalist 4 - 8 Physical Education EC - 12
Health EC - 12 Science 4 - 8
History 8 - 12 Science 8 - 12
Languages Other Than English-Spanish 8 - 12 Social Studies 4 - 8
Life Sciences 8 - 12 Social Studies 8 - 12


The mission of the Division of Education is to prepare candidates for meaningful careers in the fields of education.  Building upon a solid liberal arts foundation, The Educator Preparation Program assists candidates in developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to become competent, effective, and caring teachers in an ever changing society.  Candidates are prepared to become reflective practitioners who are lifelong learners.

The Division of Education supports and fulfills the College's mission to provide effective academic programs that meet the needs of diverse groups in society.  This mission, grounded in a strong Christian foundation, reflects the belief that teaching prepares a knowledgeable, engaged and diverse citizenry to continue to build communities in the truest sense enhanced through appropriate use of technology in all its facets.  The faculty in the Educator Preparation Program is committed to preparing professional educators who become reflective practitioners through:

  • Developing content knowledge, pedagogical skills and professional dispositions that lead to effective teaching.
  • Implementing defendable instructional decisions and technology applications.
  • Embracing active, engaged student-centered learning.
  • Teaching that is culturally relevant and responsive to the ever-changing developmental and educational needs of diverse students, families, and society in partnership with schools and communities.


The mission is realized for all candidates through the attainment of eleven common goals that are aligned with the Texas Education Agency Standards for Teachers, Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASK), and the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) program standards.  The Educator Preparation Program has established various subject specific certifications to assist candidates to:

1. Develop   an  understanding  of   the   subject   matter  areas,  create  meaningful  learning experiences on  this  knowledge, and  master/pass  the  Texas  Examinations  of  Educator Standards (TExES).  

2. Prepare teacher candidates with a foundation for successful study at the graduate level.

3. Develop an understanding of student's cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development and create learning opportunities that support student academic development.

4.Recognize and value student diversity and the differences in how students learn and provide instruction to accommodate such diversity.

5. Develop instructional plans based on students' needs, curricular goals and models, subject matter, and community.

6.  Develop pedagogical knowledge and skills and use this expertise to encourage each student to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

7. Create a classroom environment that facilitates learning and a climate that encourages fairness, positive social interactions, active learning, and self-motivation.

8. Develop effective verbal, non-verbal, written, technological, and media communication skills to support and enhance student learning.

9. Understand the role of assessment and the use of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student learning.

10. Develop skills necessary for self-reflection and use of this knowledge to analyze past experiences and pursue professional development opportunities.

 11. Collaborate with students, candidates, parents, community members, and professional colleagues to support student learning and development.

12.  Demonstrate a sense of caring.

Program Requirements

​High school graduates who desire to become teachers through this program at Wiley College must, like all other students, meet the general admission requirements of the College and enter as a freshman and are recognized as Education Major.  In addition to the courses required of all freshmen and sophomores, education majors during those first two years, must meet the qualifying requirements for admission to the TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAM that starts in the junior year.  

Admission Policies to the Teacher Preparation Program (TPP)

Students seeking admission to the Teacher Preparation Program must:

•Submit a transcript showing that 60 hours have been earned with an overall 2.75 GPA.
•Be current in all financial obligations to the College.
•Submit a background check.
•Demonstrate a record of attendance to Prospective Teachers and Education Club Meetings (every first Thursday).
•Demonstrate a solid record of regular meetings with Academic Coach and Academic Advisor.
•Complete 3 to 12 credits in Education courses as prescribed in the respective chosen area of teaching (e.g., 3 hours in Music, 6 in English, 12 in Mathematics).
•Complete 40 hours of Education-sponsored classroom observations.
•Complete the Rising Junior Examination (second semester of sophomore year).
•Submit a writing sample that includes reasons for desiring to become a teacher.
•File a formal application for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program.
•Complete a qualifying interview.
•Receive formal notification of admission into the TPP.

If the student is accepted into the TPP, (s)he will then be recognized as a Teacher Candidate until graduation.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Teacher   Preparation Program, students must meet the following requirements:

•Earn a minimum grade point average of 2.75.
•Pass all courses required in the major with a grade of C or better.
•Successfully complete student teaching.
•Pas the practice TExES examinations (PPR and Content).
•Take the Senior Comprehensive Exams.


Because some areas in Teacher Preparation Program include a certification program, they may take longer than the traditional four-year program to complete. Consult the specific area  plan for details about elective course options.

Criteria for Admission to Student Teaching

To be admitted to student teaching, a candidate must:

•Complete all program coursework, except for the semester in which application is made.

•Provide documentation of field experience (30 hours required).

•Submit completed application to the Student Teaching Program.

•Possess at least a 2.75 GPA.

•Pass a required criminal background check.

Organizations, Clubs, Societies

Teacher Education majors are encouraged to join the campus Teacher Education Club. Additionally, students may sign up for an account at Region 7 Education Service Center. This organization offers high-caliber professional development opportunities for its members through interactive sessions on a variety of current topics.