Veteran's Certification

Veterans Affairs Enrollment Certification

The college electronically submits enrollment certifications to VA Once upon the start of the semester for those students who have completed the registration process.  (After 12th class day for traditional students and the first class period for non-traditional students)

Each student is required to present to the Unit of Student Records/Registrar a Certificate of Eligibility on initial entry to the college or when they become eligible to receive benefits.

Once the student has presented the Certificate of Eligibility and completed the Veteran’s Certification Request Form (required each semester of enrollment) our office submits a request to VA Once to certify the semester’s enrollment.


Processing Time

Payment of benefits begins when the enrollment certification has been process by VA, which can take a significant amount of time.  Student will not receive benefits immediately and should be prepared for the standard processing time.


The VA Education Benefits Programs include:

Chapter 30:         Montgomery GI Bill

Chapter 33:         Post 9/11 GI Bill

Chapter 35:         Survivors and Dependents


Add/Drop Courses

It is the students responsibility to notify the Veterans’ School Certifying Official if they add or drop  any courses, withdraw from the College, change majors, or have any other changes in their enrollment status or registration.


The Veteran’s Certification Request Form can be accessed by selecting the link below:


Click here for the Veteran’s Certification Request Form