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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Organizational Management is designed to serve the educational needs of the non-traditional learner and working adult age 25 and older. This program enables adult enrollees to complete course work for a college degree at times most convenient, evenings and on weekends. Students are introduced to concepts of business, industrial management, organizational culture, planning, human resources management, and marketing, within the context of real-life situations, often with corporate executives serving as resource persons. Executives may be found participating in and leading class discussions.

Career Opportunities for Organizational Management Majors

Many of the students in the BBA in Organizational Management are already employed in business, industry, and government positions. This program offers them an opportunity to advance in their respective positions while preparing others for management-based careers in the public or private sector. Program graduates will qualify for career opportunities in business, management, development, training and various entrepreneurial endeavors. Graduates are especially suited for the corporate arena.


Graduates of the BBA with a concentration in Organizational Management will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of management, supervision, marketing, planning, and resource management within the context of various organizational cultures;

Demonstrate conceptual and analytical skills necessary to assess environmental and organizational realities of an organization and develop strategic plans capable of enabling the organization to achieve its goals;

Demonstrate communication and human relations skills essential to working and succeeding in a culturally diverse environment;

Demonstrate knowledge of the tools required to manage the processes of a new and an existing enterprise.


For more information about the Organizational Management program, please contact the following Organizational Management faculty listed below:

Mr. Ibrahim Salem
(903) 927-2425
[email protected]