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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Administration is designed to prepare students professionally for management in the fast-paced, rapidly changing and competitive hospitality and tourism industry. The curriculum focuses on all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry including lodging, travel, food and beverage, recreation and convention services. The program is built upon a basic foundation in business with a central focus on guest satisfaction in all phases of the industry, profit maximization, management effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Career Opportunities for Hospitality and Tourism Administration Majors

Hospitality and Tourism Administration offers many job opportunities and career paths in numerous fields. This diverse and complex industry offers management opportunities in hotels, clubs, resorts, food service, meetings and events planning, travel planning, recreation and leisure activities planning, education, consulting, and many other areas.


The objectives of the program in Hospitality and Tourism Administration are to prepare graduates who will:

Be able to demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills in the hospitality and tourism field;

Find employment in their field of specialization;

Be qualified to gain admission to graduate/professional schools;

Possess the requisite technical, social, and cultural skills required to function successfully in the fast-paced, rapidly changing competitive hospitality environment.


For more information about the Hospitality and Tourism Administration program, please contact the following Hospitality and Tourism Administration faculty listed below:

Margaret Kihato, Ph.D.
(903) 927-3322
[email protected]

Han Chen
(903) 927-3332
[email protected]