Refund Policy

The College will refund excess payments to the students' accounts within a reasonable period of time.  Overpayments arising from federal financial aid will be refunded in compliance with federal regulations.  Depending upon the financial aid award, refunds may be made payable either to the student or parent/guardian. Refunds may be mailed or made available for pick up from the College's Cashier's Office.

Students are encouraged to pay only the amount needed to satisfy charges to their student accounts.  Credit balances (amounts paid in excess of charges) will be refunded to the student or credited to the next semester's billing, as directed by the student.

Refund Repayment upon Withdrawal

If a student withdraws from the College without completing the semester, the student's withdrawal may result in an unpaid student account balance. Student may be required to repay the amount of the student refund previously disbursed, unpaid student charges, and federal financial aid. The amount that the student is required to repay to the College (and federal financial aid programs) will be calculated by the Financial Aid Office upon withdrawal. (Please also see: Tuition, Fees, and Room and Board Adjustments).