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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in accounting has two aims: (1) to prepare graduates with a broad understanding of the theory and practice of accounting, and (2) to enable them to develop technical competence so that they can analyze, assess, modify and create useful accounting information for the users of that information. Graduates are prepared to enter the workplace with the technical skills required to perform effectively in delivering accounting services. The curriculum is designed to enable graduates to get accounting or finance positions in business organizations. They are also prepared to enter graduate and professional schools in business. Students who are interested in taking the CPA exam should contact the lead professor.

Career Opportunities for Accounting Majors

Career opportunities are available in public and/or corporate accounting, industry, business, and government, such as accountants, accounts receivable officers, auditors, commercial lenders, payroll officers, and financial planners.


The accounting program has the following objectives:

To provide students with the foundation that will allow them to understand and utilize principles, theories, and policies that govern the field of accounting;

To develop in students the ability to recognize, analyze, and solve problems;

To help students achieve their personal and career goals related to accounting;

To prepare students for entry-level positions in either the private or public sector and/or to prepare students for course work at the graduate level.


For more information about the Accounting program, please contact the following Accounting department faculty listed below:

Morsheda Hassan, Ph.D
(903) 927-3209
[email protected]

Ibrahim Salem, M.S.
(903) 927-2425
[email protected]

Hyungju E. Cha, Ph. D.
(903) 927-2425
[email protected]

Imrana Bari, M.S.
(903) 927-3238
[email protected]