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Bachelors of Businss Administration / Computer Information Systems Concentration

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Program Overview

The Division of Business and Technology offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major is designed to prepare the student for a career in business applications of computing technology and develop the proper background required to pursue graduate work in Computer Information Systems.

The CIS program also prepares students to manage all aspects of computer information systems. Graduates are trained to provide the link between users in daily business situations and the technical world of computers. They are trained to use computer technology in the application of business principles to data-driven decision making. This concentration requires students to combine extensive work in both computer information systems and business.

Career Opportunities for Computer Information Systems Majors

Computer Information Systems graduates have a wide variety of career opportunities in various fields such as engineering, medical, and other scientific fields in addition to business. Professionals in the computer information systems industry are sought to test, market, sell, or service computer products including hardware, software, and systems.


Graduates of the Computer Information Systems program will:

Demonstrate a depth of understanding and skills in Computer Information Systems;

Find employment in their field of specialization;

Qualify to gain admission to graduate and/or professional studies;

Deploy the requisite scientific, technical, and social skills to function in a professional environment.


For more information about the Computer Information Systems Program, please contact the following Computer Information Systems faculty listed below:

Mr. Samuel Tabi
(903) 927-3363
[email protected]

Mr. Daff Kalulu
(903) 927-3303
[email protected]

Mr. Tikum Teboh
(903) 923-1630
[email protected]